Special Mixed Starter£3.75Add +
Tandoori Chicken£2.95Add +
Reshmi Kebab£3.25Add +
Chicken Tikka Puree£3.50Add +
Prawn Puree£3.95Add +
King Prawn Butterfly£4.25Add +
King Prawn Puree£4.75Add +
Dall Soup£2.75Add +
Prawn Cocktail£2.95Add +
Onion Bhaji£2.95Add +
Vegetable Puree£2.95Add +
Samosa£2.95Add +Chicken /Meat/Vegetable
Mushroom Pakora£2.95Add +
Garlic Mushrooms£2.95Add +
Tikka£2.95Add +Chicken or Lamb
Kebab£3.25Add +Shamee or Sheek or Reshmi
Mxied Kebab£3.95Add +
Chicken Tikka Chat£3.25Add +
Chicken Tikka Pakora£3.50Add +
Battered Onion Rings£2.95Add +
Meat Samosa£2.95Add +
Chicken Samosa£2.95Add +
vegetable somosa£2.95Add +
Traditional Dishes
All dishes are served with Chicken or Chicken Tikka Lamb or lamb tikka Prawn or King Prawn and Vegetable
Curry£4.95Add +(Medium)
Madras£4.95Add +(Hot)
Vindaloo£4.95Add +(Very Hot) With potato
Korma£4.95Add +(Mild) With fresh cream, coconut, sultanas and almonds
Bhuna£4.95Add +(Medium) With onions and tomatoes in a thick spicy sauce
Dupiaza£4.95Add +(Medium) With diced onions
Ceylon£4.95Add +( Hot) With coconut and pieces of lemon
Dansak£4.95Add +With sweet sour hot and lentils
Pathia£4.95Add +Sweet sour and hot
Sagwala£4.95Add +(Medium) With spinach
Rogan Josh£4.95Add +(Hot) With cooked tomatoes
Methi£4.95Add +(Medium) With fried fenugreek leaves
Chef's Special (Mild)
All dishes are served with Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka Prawn /King Prawn and Vegetable
Masala£6.50Add +(Cooked in a specially prepared creamy sauce)
Passanda£6.50Add +(Cooked in a special mild sauce with sultanas & almonds)
Badami£6.50Add +(Cooked in a smooth sauce with cashew nuts)
Peshwari£6.50Add +(Cooked with fresh cream sauce, sultanas, coconut, almonds & mango)
Sagponir£6.50Add +With mild sauce, spinach and cheese
Chef's Special (Medium)
All dishes are served with Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka Prawn /King Prawn and Vegetable
Al Mashriqi£6.50Add +In a thick sauce topped with spinach
Shirazi£6.50Add +With cauliflower, mushrooms and green capsicums
Garlic£6.50Add +With garlic, butter and coriander
Satkora£6.50Add +With lime flavoured sauce and potato
Aloo Ponir£6.50Add +With potato and chesse
Shashlik Bhuna£6.95Add +
Modhupuri£6.50Add +with chopped onion, tomatoes, capsicum and specially selected herbs & spices
Rajoni£6.50Add +cooked in a garlic based sauce with chef's own secret recipe
Manchurian Chicken£6.95Add +Stir fried chicken cooked with diced green peppers & onions
Capsilla Chicken£6.95Add +Tandoori chicken off the bone cooked in a medium to mild sauce with slices of green pepper and onions garnished with mushrooms and eggs
Mixed Masala£6.95Add +Cooked in a medium sauce with lamb tikka, chicken tikka & minced meat
Sizania£6.50Add +(cooked with onion tomato yoghurt)
Green Mossala£6.50Add +cooked with mint corrender
Garliky£6.50Add +(Cooked with garlic mayonise cream onion)
Chef's Special (Hot)
All dishes are served with Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka Prawn /King Prawn and Vegetable
Lakhnu£6.50Add +With coconut and green chillies
Jalfrezi£6.50Add +With onions, green peppers and fresh green chillies
Mixed Korai£6.95Add +With chicken meat prawn green peppers and onions
Chili Garlic£6.50Add +With garlic, fresh green chillies, spices and coriander
Makhani£6.50Add +With green chillies, Ginger herbs and spices
Naga£6.50Add +Full flavour, chilli from Bangladesh infused to make this exceptional taste
Moghlai Delight£6.50Add +With , kofta (fried mincemeat balls), boiled egg and green chillies
Rezala£6.50Add +In cream, green chillies, capsicum, onion, fresh coriander and ginger
Korai£6.50Add +With green peppers and onions
Tikka Mixed Korai£7.25Add +Cooked with Chicken Tikka Mince meat, Lamb Tikka capsicum & onion
Kochi Bahar£6.50Add +( with g pepper onion g chilli)
Roshni£6.50Add +with garlik sugar onion tomato green pepper green chilli
Tandoori Dishes
A fine preparation of tandoori dishes marinated in yoghurt, specially selected sauces and herbs, which are then cooked in a tandoori oven
Half Tandoori Chicken£6.25Add +
Lamb Tikka£6.50Add +
Tandoori Mixed Grill£8.95Add +Served with naan bread
Chicken Tikka£6.25Add +
Chicken Shashlick£6.75Add +
Tandoori King Prawn£10.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlick£11.95Add +
Biryani Dishes
All balti dishes are prepared with basmati rice, medium spices, sultanas and almonds served with vegetable curry
Chicken Biryani£6.75Add +
Meat Biryani£6.95Add +
Chicken Tikka Biryani£7.75Add +
Lamb Tikka Biryani£8.50Add +
Mushroom Biryani£5.95Add +
Vegetable & Chilli Garlic Biryani£6.75Add +
Prawn Biryani£7.95Add +
Vegetable Biryani£5.95Add +
King Prawn Biryani£9.95Add +
Munchurian Biryani£7.95Add +Tandoori chicken off the bone
Mixed Biryani£8.50Add +Prawn Meat Chicken
Tikka Mixed Biryani£8.95Add +With Chicken Tikka Lamb Tikka Mince meat
Balti Dishes
All balti dishes are cooked with fresh herbs and spices in a specially created medium thick sauce served with naan bread
Chicken Balti£6.95Add +
Meat Balti£7.50Add +
Chicken Tikka Balti£7.75Add +
Lamb Tikka Balti£7.95Add +
Tikka Mixed Balti£9.50Add +
Prawn Balti£7.75Add +
Vegetable Balti£6.95Add +
King Prawn Balti£10.95Add +
Mixed Balti£8.95Add +Prawn Chicken meat
Chicken Chilli Garlic Balti£7.65Add +
Chicken sag Balti£7.65Add +
Vegetable Side Dishes
Vegetable Curry£2.95Add +
Vegetable Bhaji£2.95Add +
Mushroom Bhaji£2.95Add +
Cauliflower Bhaji£2.95Add +
Bhindi Bhaji£2.95Add +Okra
Bringal Bhaji£2.95Add +Aubergine
Sag Bhaji£2.95Add +Spinach
Onion Bhaji£2.95Add +
Sag Aloo£2.95Add +Spinach & Potato
Bombay Aloo£2.95Add +Spicy Potato
Aloo Gobi£2.95Add +Potato & Cauliflower
Sag Paneer£3.50Add +Spinach & Cheese
Tarka Dall£2.95Add +Lentils with Fried Garlic
Chana Massala£2.95Add +Chickpeas
Sag Dall£2.95Add +Spinach & Lentils
Keema Aloo£3.50Add +Minced Meat & Potato
Sag Gobi£2.95Add +Spinach & Cauliflower
Sundry Dishes
Plain Rice£2.00Add +
Egg Rice£2.95Add +
Pilau Rice£2.35Add +
Special Fried Rice£2.95Add +With Egg, Peas, Sultanas & Almonds
Lemon Rice£2.95Add +
Mushroom Rice£2.95Add +
Coconut Rice£3.50Add +
Onion Fried Rice£2.95Add +
Garlic Rice£2.95Add +
Vegetable Rice£2.95Add +
Keema Rice£3.50Add +
Raitha£1.50Add +Onion & Cucumber
Chicken Tikka Rice£3.50Add +
Plain Yoghurt£1.00Add +
Papadom£0.60Add +
Spiced Papadom£0.70Add +
Mint Sauce£0.60Add +
Mango Chutney£0.60Add +
onion salad£0.60Add +
English Dishes
Fried Chicken & Chips£5.25Add +
Chicken Omelette & Chips£5.25Add +
Chips£1.95Add +
Green Salad£1.95Add +
Mushroom Omelette & Chips£5.25Add +
Cheese Omelette & Chips£5.25Add +
Fish Fingers & Chips£5.25Add +
Prawn Omelette & Chips£5.25Add +
Hot Wings & Chips£5.25Add +
Chicken Nuggets & Chips£5.25Add +
Plain Naan£2.00Add +
Keema Naan£2.50Add +
Peshwari Naan£2.50Add +
Chicken Tikka Cheese Naan£4.50Add +
Garlic Naan£2.40Add +
Vegetable Naan£2.50Add +
Egg Parathia£2.75Add +
Tandoori Roti£2.00Add +
Cheese Naan£2.95Add +
Chapati£1.50Add +
Paratha£2.30Add +
Vegetable Paratha£2.75Add +
Keema cheese naan£3.25Add +
Garlik Cheese naan£3.25Add +
Coke£3.00Add +1.5l
Diet Coke£3.00Add +1.5l
J2O£2.25Add +330ml